eVolo 2009 – Energy Renewable Power Plant.

We submitted, with my frend Ertu Erbay, on 19th of January, our proposal to this wonderful competition about the futur of vertical density. Now results have been published. We didn’t win, but here is our proposal:

“Throughout history, the expansion of human population has been supported by a steady growth in our use of energy. The operation of our present industrial civilization is wholly dependent on access to a very large amount of energy of various types.
The current global energy mix consists of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydro and renewable energy such as wind and solar. The analysis starts from the recognition that non-renewable types of energy are finite and subject to effects which will result in a declining production rate in the near future. At the moment, renewable energy such as wind, photovoltaic and thermal solar, tidal and wave power, etc shows little impact (1% of the total energy used) but enormous promise.

Proponents of renewable energy point to the enormous amount of research being conducted and to the vast range of approaches being explored. They also point out correctly that the incentive is enormous: the development of renewable alternatives is crucial for the sustainability of human civilization.
All this awareness, work, and promise give the nascent industry an aura of strength verging on invincibility. That in turn supports a conviction among its promoters that all things are possible.


Therefore, the proposition aims to provide an answer to produce and distribute energy to maintain ecological growth of mankind.
This tower uses the magnetic levitation principle to generate energy. Hot air is forced in at the bottom and out from the top. Going through a diamagnetic-magnetic cylindar, the air will then prevent natural movement friction and maintain the fan-shaped magnets at speed to produce energy, relentlessly.”